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The Affiliate Program is designed for non-profit organizations dedicated to history, education, restoration and conservation. Grow your organization, expand your network and submit content to our platform--all for FREE.




Our network is currently the home to over a dozen organizations around the Midwest. We utilize large team sessions to discover and create new ways to improve non-profit organizations.

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Grow your network by adding other network members into your contacts. Ask questions, get in touch and brainstorm collaborations. We have quarterly meetings to discuss marketing strategies, getting new members and so much more.

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Get your name on the map with our powerful Google SEO tools. By joining, you get a public profile on our website that displays all of your organization's latest news--available for the world to see.

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Each quarter, we host our network meetings in a different place. Visit surrounding organizations and take a tour. Get inspired and take new ideas back with you.

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By submitting content* to our platform (podcasts, videos, etc.) you open yourself up to sponsorship opportunities. This can be a fantastic and easy way to earn funding for your organization, while also putting free out content for your followers.

*The Historical Society Network is a non-profit program designed and curated by the Preble County Historical Society. By signing up, you agree to record, produce and edit your own content for submission. The Historical Society Network as well as the Preble County Historical Society will NOT accept copyrighted material (images, videos, music, etc.) and as a result is not responsible for copyright infringement.

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